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X-PANTHER Protection Pack SUPER

14.85 USD
VAT Inclusive

X-PANTHER SUPER The new look of full protection

Product contains:-

Nano protection for the entire front screen (with protection of the front speaker hole from water and dust)

Flexible transparent shock-resistant case with reinforced edges

Stick to protect the device's wallpaper

Nano camera protection

Mobile grip with stand at the same time

cleaning tools

Product information (screen protector)

The front screen protection is manufactured with nano technology and is resistant to breaking with the latest “SUPER XD” technology, with a grille for the upper speaker to prevent dust and dirt from entering the interior.

The materials inside are environmentally friendly and are not affected by heat

Eight layers of protection with a thickness of 0.33 so that it becomes lighter, softer and stronger.

Product Information (Transparent Cover)

A flexible transparent cover protects the device from frequent daily shocks and accidents, as it is fully reinforced to protect the device.

14.85 USD
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