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VIEDMA XLORD X-Lord Vidma Protection Package

48.33 USD
VAT Inclusive

All-in-one security suite for your device


The package contains:

Shock-resistant case with a new design with side bends for easy carrying, it comes with a technology chip and protects the external speakers from dust and water

- Protrusion at the ends of the shaft for greater protection and design for ease of use and portability

- Shock-resistant front sticker featuring eye protection technology and protection for the upper speakers from dust and water, removable as desired.

Full protection for the rear cameras with a stylish design and high-resolution imaging, even in the worst conditions.

Back cover for the entire device with the sides consistent with the appearance of the device.

Auxiliary tools for installation, cleaning and installation of all stickers.

- Vidma technology is a smart chip built into the case that is used and identified through the XLORD application to share the information and accounts you want to share

A tool for installing front and rear protection, as well as the ends, in an easy, fast and uncomplicated manner for all devices

There is an additional full explanation inside the package

48.33 USD
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