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24.58 USD
VAT Inclusive

The essential protection package for your device from


The package contains:

- A new and innovative idea in the world of film protection is covered in front of me, consisting of two layers, a fingerprint-resistant layer, and a full transparent layer. One layer can be removed or two layers left. The front sticker is resistant to shocks and fingerprints, and features a technology to protect the eyes from rays and protect the upper speakers from dust and water, and can be removed as desired.

Thermal Back Lamination The first of its kind in the world, the back thermal packaging is combined with two transparent layers with the edges and a fingerprint-resistant matte back coating that gives the device its consistent shape.

- A case for lovers of creativity and excellence in design, the basic protection cover from X-Lord is characterized by lightness in weight and high protection for the device and protrusion from the sides and sides. It supports the Magic Sword and the wireless charger without any of the additional rings.

Full protection for the rear cameras with a stylish design.

Alcohol swabs designed to sterilize electronic devices, 5 pieces.

Auxiliary tools for installation and cleaning.

24.58 USD
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